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Medallion Installation

Flooring Inlay Installation Procedure can be viewed here.

View installation videos. Finished floor, Video 1, Video 2. Unfinished floor, Video 3

General Flooring Installation Guidelines and Requirements can be viewed here.


Unless you are an experienced woodworker, we recommend seeking help of a professional floor installer to complete the procedure.


A hardwood floor medallion can be installed simultaneously with new flooring during construction or remodelling, or cut into the existing flooring, for the same result.


The standard thickness of hardwood flooring is ¾ inch, and medallions are made to match; however, they are fully customizable and can be altered to suit your needs.


For flooring that requires no sanding, fully finished and coated medallions will be supplied; uncoated medallions are suitable when the entire floor will be sanded after the medallion is installed.


The medallion can be installed by your local hardwood floor installer who will use an installation template included in the shipment. 


The installation steps are explained here.


 Place the medallion on the floor

in it’s selected location

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