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Sawyer’s at the Winnipeg Home Renovation Show

On Jan. 12, 13 and 14, Sawyer’s Fine Woodworking made their first public appearance as a local business at the Winnipeg Home Renovation Show.

Hundreds of vendors ran a booth at the show, but Sawyer’s was the only one to show natural wood floor medallions.

The number one thing that Sawyer’s heard from visitors that day?


People were stunned by the beautiful designs, meticulous attention to detail and breathtaking effect of the four-foot medallions, which were displayed on handmade wooden easels.

The great thing about the renovation show is the huge range of visitors who come through—homeowners, future home owners, business owners, carpenters, builders and designers—who all had the chance to see Sawyer’s products during the weekend. It was a great networking event with some excellent questions and ideas from many of the people who came by.

It’s not always possible to show a product online, which makes shows like the Winnipeg Renovation Show an amazing opportunity for future customers and colleagues to get a sense of how something looks in real life.

Sawyer’s would like to thank the Winnipeg Home Renovation Show and Marketplace Events for how easy and simple they made it for them to come in as a new business and exhibitor, as well as all the folks who took the time to stop and chat.

Sawyer’s is always putting out new designs, but just like that weekend at the show, Sawyer’s staff always wants to hear from their customers and fellow business owners on how they can improve their products and services.

For more info, email founder and owner Boris Trachenko at:

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