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Message from the President

Welcome to Sawyer’s Fine Flooring!

​The beginning of 2018 marks the opening of our online store where we offer you our stunning and natural products. We are excited to serve you and meet your needs in top quality flooring accents.

​At Sawyer’s, we have two passions: the beauty of natural woods and immaculate woodworking quality, and we are passionate about satisfying you, our Customer, with every aspect of our business.

​We have consciously chosen and undertaken the challenge of manufacturing the highest level of flooring accents. This means using the most unique and beautiful hardwoods available on the North American market, cutting-edge graphic design and woodworking technology, and unique artistic designs. We deliver the best quality in the industry in every item that leaves the factory. Your satisfaction is our highest goal, and how we measure our success at Sawyer’s!

​Our online store represents only some examples of what we can produce. We love to hear your new requests and suggestions, and our store will continuously grow and add more artistic designs. By using sophisticated digital manufacturing technology, we will transform your most incredible ideas into reality in a matter of days.

​We are here to help you improve your home, cottage or business, and add beauty and value to your property.

Are you a home or business owner, interior designer or homebuilder? Come on in, look and explore-find a product just for you or tell us how to create the perfect one.


Life is Beautiful!

Boris Sawyer, P. Eng.

President, Sawyer’s Fine Woodworking Ltd.

Our Mission

To produce top quality hardwood floor medallions for North American homes and businesses

Sawyer’s Fine Flooring Ltd

About Us

Sawyer’s Fine Flooring Ltd. is a quickly growing manufacturing company in Manitoba, Canada, which specializes in hardwood floor medallions and borders.


Sawyer’s is passionate about the function and aesthetics of wood; its durability, beauty and natural variation make it a material like no other. Our professionally engineered designs marry precision, visually stunning patterns and an expansive knowledge of local and exotic woods.

Our Vision

To be Canada’s leader in producing top quality hardwood flooring accents and providing excellent customer service.

Our Affiliates

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